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Beta Feedback

May 09, 2015

Hi Kuna supporters,

It’s been a while since our last update, but we have some great progress to report!

Last week, we shipped out the beta units to our beta backers! 51 units went out, and just about half of them are installed and up and running.

We’ve been getting some great feedback from our testers. We want to give a big thanks to all of the testers who’ve been giving us feedback. It’s been very valuable and we really appreciate it.

Our favorite feedback email so far consisted of a nice, detailed list of issues and problems, followed by: “When it was working–it exceeded my expectations though!”

Creating products is such a roller coaster of emotions!

The biggest concern we had in the beginning is the installation and setup process. We’ve put a lot of thought into the install procedure, and we wanted to make sure that it would go as smoothly as possible. As long as our users can get the units installed and connected to wifi, we can push software updates over the air. But if not, fixing problems will get messy!

The great news is that our testers are reporting that installation and wifi setup is quite smooth! A few small hiccups here and there involving the screws and some variance from house to house, but these are easy to fix. We’ve developed a few tools to help ease the process which we’ve included, and they’ve been well-received by the testers!

Testing has turned up a couple of more important issues which we’re going to make sure we fix before we ship to everyone else. Fortunately, these are all things we can fix and improve upon with remote software updates.

First, some users are reporting cameras disconnecting from wifi. We think we know the issue and are working on a fix to the software that will make the connection more stable.

Second, the performance of our detection algorithm got worse over the past month. In particular users are reporting false negatives (where the camera fails to detect a person), and our alpha testers are seeing worse performance than before. We have already identified the cause of the problem and tested the fix internally with great results, so our testers will be seeing better results soon too.

All in all, a lot of progress in the past couple of months!

The Kuna Team

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