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Security that helps you think.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to power our Kuna technology and to make our services smarter. If Kuna services are the body of our technology, Kuna AI serves as its brain. It thinks for itself. Kuna AI can recognize faces, objects, and vehicles, and alert you so that you can decide how to respond to specific events.

Kuna AI mimics human mind

We designed Kuna AI to mimic the human mind.

Kuna AI is powered by sophisticated neural networks based on the human visual cortex, and like humans, gets smarter over time.

Kuna AI mimics human mind

Available to all Premium plans.

Kuna AI is currently available to all subscribers of Kuna Premium. Upgrade to Kuna Premium to receive the most advanced features!

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What is Kuna AI? What is AI Smart Detection?

Kuna AI is the home security AI platform that Kuna is developing for all Kuna-powered devices. AI Smart Detection is the first skill that Kuna AI has been trained with. It allows Kuna to report if is seeing people or vehicles, and also count how many of each it sees.

What happens if I downgrade from Absolute Control?

If you are no longer on the Absolute Control plan, your cameras will no longer be able to use Kuna AI.

Are users on trial able to use Kuna AI?

Currently Kuna AI is only available for users who are already subscribed to Absolute Control plans. We are working to bring Kuna AI to trial users soon.

What happens to me if I was on the detection beta?

If you were a participant in our detection beta, thank you! Your help has enabled us to make Kuna AI more intelligent and capable. As a token of our appreciation you will be able to continue using Kuna AI on your cameras at no additional charge.

How do I turn on Kuna AI?

You can activate Kuna AI features going to your individual camera settings and turning on “AI Smart Detection” under the Kuna AI setting.

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