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Kuna Camera Wall Plate

The Camera Wall Plate brings all the power of Kuna to any light fixture. An all-new app, Kuna-SE, specially designed exclusively for the wall plate, provides all the functionality of the classic Kuna app to any light fixture used with the wall plate.


  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Returns

Try the new free Kuna-SE app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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+ Description

The Camera Wall Plate is compatible with most standard light fixtures, and when used together with the required app, the all-new Kuna-SE, provides all the features of the classic Kuna lights. The Kuna-SE app currently is exclusive to the Camera Wall Plate, and will not work with classic Kuna lights.

+ Powered by Kuna

Upgrade to Kuna Premium and benefit from advanced features. In addition to the classic Kuna Premium features, including sophisticated AI and extended storage of recordings, several state-of-the art features are available or are in the works for the Camera Wall Plate — Kuna-SE combination. These including calendar scheduling, monitored 911 dispatch that can provide discounts on insurance, 24/7 on-device storage, etc.

Even without a Premium plan, all Kuna Powered Devices enjoy free features such as 24/7 HD Video Livestream, Two-Way Communication, Pre-Recorded Messages, Classic Smart Detection, 2-Hour Event Look-Back for up to 6 Events/hour, 3 Downloads/Month, Ability to Sound Alarm, Light Controls, Manual Recordings, Automated Greetings, and Animated Event Thumbnails. We reserve the right to change the features available on our product on free and plan tiers.

+ Easy Installation

For wall mounted applications, do not use it in uncovered outdoor areas.

1. Install the Camera Wall Plate.
First connect the Camera Wall Plate to the junction box, after removing any light fixture already installed. To install in a new location altogether, first run electricity and install a junction box at the location.

2. Now connect the desired light fixture to the Camera Wall Plate.
Follow the instructions that came with your light fixture; if you are using a Kuna light fixture, the Camera Wall Plate manual includes instructions for it.

3. Download the Kuna-SE app and pair.
The Kuna-SE app provides all the functionality of the traditional Kuna app and is easy to pair using Wi-Fi to the Wall Plate - Fixture combination. You now have a Kuna powered fixture!

4. Done.
Start protecting your home. Learn more at our Help Center.

Tech Specs

2.8 lbs
7x12 in
In the Box
Kuna Camera Wall Plate
Camera Wall Plate Mounting Bracket
Camera Bar Bracket
Wire Nuts (3 pieces)
Mounting Screws (4 pieces)
Machine Screws (2 pieces)
Anchor Screws with Anchors (2 pieces)
Double sided tape
Metal Arrow Shims (2 pieces)
Fixture Holding Hook
Round adapter plate (Needed only for upgrading a Kuna Camera Porch Light)
100 VAC – 240 VAC ENERGY STAR Rated (US & Canada ONLY). Hardwired Continuous Power (no batteries)
Weather Resistant
IP43 rated. For wall mounted applications, do not use it in uncovered outdoor areas
Light Bulb
Recommend LED light bulb up to 50W true power, about 4000 lumen, or as recommended by light fixture
Light Controls
Motion activated, dusk-to-dawn, turn on/off using Kuna-SE App, voice activation with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
HD color 1080p H.264/H.265
Adjustable Lens
Viewing angle manually adjustable up to 40 degrees left-right, up-down
Detection Range
Optimized to detect objects within 3 meters (10 feet)
Night View
Light bulb illuminates scene for full color video capture at night, as well as 6 IR LEDs for Night Vision
Two-way intercom
100+ decibel (louder than a motorcycle)
WiFi Frequency
2.4GHz only
WiFi Network
802.11b/g/n WEP, WPA, and WPA2 supported (WPA2 HIGHLY recommended)
WiFi Speed
Best performance with 3 Mbps upload/download speed where device is installed
Motion Sensor
Passive Infrared + Motion Detection Algorithm
Security Encryption
128-bit AES encryption and bank-level SSL encryption
Return Policy
60 days from date of purchase
1-Year. If you purchased your Camera Wall Plate from one of our retail partners, please contact them directly for information regarding their hardware warranty and/or return policy
Customer Support
US & Canada Only
Internet Requirements
Internet connection required for both mobile device and location where Kuna Powered Device is installed
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