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Glare Shield

May 26, 2015

Hi Kuna supporters,

Welcome to the first blog in our new series of updates. We’ll be highlighting the challenges we face while creating KUNA and the exciting progress we’re making in design developments, bug fixes and new features.

In each update our co-founder and CTO, Haomiao, will share the improvements we’re making or features we’re introducing. This week Haomiao talks about Kuna’s glare shield design to reduce glare on the camera at night:



We’re proud that this new glare shield won’t affect the elegant design of Kuna but will have a big impact on reducing the light’s glare so you can see a clearer image of who’s at your home – anywhere, anytime.

This design improvement and all developments in our future updates have been retrofitted to each Kuna we’ve sent out already and are now being scaled to mass production for the Kunas coming in July.

At the end of each blog we’ll also list the bugs we’re aware of and working on at the moment. We encourage you to check back regularly to see what’s keeping our team busy, and contact us if something needs to be added – your feedback is continually helping us to make Kuna better and better!

To send us feedback, ask a question or if you just want to say hello, please reach out to our friendly team at and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletters at if you want to be the first to get these updates!

We look forward to sharing our next blog with you and thanks again for joining us on our mission to make homes safer, everywhere.

The Kuna Team

– – – – –

Bugs, Features and Improvements we’re working on:

– improving live video performance especially on Android

– improving the reliability of the detection and alerts

– testing upcoming app release that will enable setting a light schedule and detection sensitivity

– continuing to improve Wi-Fi stability

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