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Light Scheduling

June 14, 2015

Hi Kuna supporters, 

Welcome to the third blog in our new series of updates.  As our early supporters, we want to keep you in the loop about the challenges we face while bringing Kuna to life and also introduce you to some exciting features that will improve your experience using Kuna at home.

This week our co-founder and CTO, Haomiao launches our newest in-app feature: light scheduling. 

Whether you choose to keep your Kuna on from dawn to dusk or just turn it off at bedtime, we’re excited to hear and see how you’ll be using these features to keep your family and home safe!

This feature is now available with the latest versions of our iOS and Android apps. You can visit our support center here for detailed instructions and screenshots about using the new light scheduling feature.

For feedback, questions or if you just want to say hello, reach out to our friendly team at

We look forward to sharing our next blog with you and thanks again for joining us on our mission to make homes safer, everywhere.

The Kuna Team

Bugs, Features and Improvements we’re working on:

– improving live video performance especially on Android (better but still room for improvement, work in progress)

– improving the reliability of the detection and alerts ( Kuna Tip: detection sensitivity now adjustable by YOU – check it out here)

– fixing an error which continually shows the live stream as busy ( Kuna Tip: swipe down on your feed to refresh the videos and it shouldn’t appear as busy anymore. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, we’re working on it!)

– continuing to improve Wi-Fi stability

– resolving a rare issues causing the alarm to not switch off after use

– introducing the ability for to update firmware from the app ( Kuna Tip: Currently firmware updates overnight as long as Kuna is connected to power. If this doesn’t work, please contact us at and we’ll update the firmware manually for you.)

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