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Firmware Release

August 04, 2015

Hi Kuna supporters,

If you have your Kuna up and running you may have noticed that it updated itself last night and sent you a notification letting you know. As long as it’s powered on, Kuna will automatically check for and download software updates, giving you all of our latest features as soon as they’re available. If you check back here whenever you get this notification, we’ll do our best to always have a blog post letting you know exactly what we changed, and why we think it will make your KUNA experience better! Updates in the most recent Kuna firmware, delivered 8/4/15:

  • Detection Notifications  – Fixed issues with regards to one input sensor for Kuna’s detection algorithms. If you had excessive alerts before, you should see an improvement. You may want to re-adjust the sensitivity slider settings on your Kuna app.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any feedback or support – we love hearing from you!

We look forward to sharing our next blog with you and thanks again for joining us on our mission to make homes safer, everywhere.

The Kuna Team


  • Recordings  – Quicker recording uploads. As soon as notification is received on phone, thumbnails will be available in recordings view in the Kuna app.
  • Alarm  – Alarm sound changed to be significantly louder and more intimidating.

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