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Nothing Lasts Forever: Your Home Security Hardware Replacement Schedule

September 29, 2015

How long has it been since you’ve changed your locks and latches? Any security device is subject to normal wear and tear from age, usage and exposure to the elements. Changing your locks (based on their durability, warranty, technological advancements or your activities) is the smart, tech-savvy way to go in today’s digital age.

A secure home is a happy home.

A secure home is a happy home.

So when do you have to replace or upgrade your home security hardware?

Change Your Locks Every 5 Years or Sooner

Most modern locks have five-year warranties. You should inspect all locks every six months to check for wear, rust and tampering, and to make sure they function properly. Check more often if you live in extreme conditions and replace your locks as needed. Replacing locks regularly will ensure that they function properly and use the latest technology.

Check your home doors, garage doors, windows, latches, and fences for signs of wear at same time.

Other Reasons to Change You Locks

If you live near the sea

Depending on the climate or weather in your area, your locks, doors, windows and other home security hardware may deteriorate earlier thanks to the elements. If you live near the sea, sand and saltwater may advance the rusting and warping process. According to expert locksmiths and carpenters, moisture can make your door easy to break into and cause your locks to fail. Change them if you know they’ve had a soak.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, you can lower your home insurance premium by improving your home security.

When you lose your keys

While it’s quite easy to just get your spare key duplicated, your home is more vulnerable when you’ve lost your keys. If you lose them, change your locks as soon as you can.

Do not label keys with address information.

When you move into a new home

You don’t always know who has the keys to your new home. Have the locks changed by someone who isn’t affiliated with your broker or the old homeowners.

When you get a new roommate

You may want to change the locks to your own room if a new person moves in. You could also consider it a nice gesture to have all the locks changed and give your new flat mate a brand new copy of the key.

Call a locksmith when you want to change your. Most offer a free consultation with advice on how to keep your home more secure.

After severe temperature changes

Always check your locks after a particularly brutal winter or summer. They may need replacing, especially if the weather has affected the door or window they’re resting in.

The best time to check your locks is after winter.

When you see rust, corrosion or warping

Rust, corrosion and warping are signs that windows, doors or door frames should be replaced.

When things start to shake or make weird noises

This is especially important for garage doors. When it doesn’t sound like it used to, have it checked and replaced as soon as possible.

It helps to know what your doors and fences are made of. When you get an estimate for a replacement, experts may be able to suggest cheaper or more effective materials.

When repair costs almost as much as replacement

If your security hardware fails and the repairs are quite costly, consider replacing everything instead. This might be a cheaper option.

Your local police or city council may offer regular security checkups as a public service. Give your police precinct a call to find out how.

Periodically inspect all locks to check for function and signs of damage.

Periodically inspect all locks to check for signs of damage.

Make Home Security a High Priority

Updating your home security hardware is just as important as any other home repair. Changing your locks and keeping your doors, windows and fences in good condition should take precedence over cosmetic home improvements. A smart security system like Kuna can provide additional safety. However you choose to protect your home, routine maintenance and attention to detail will always keep you one step ahead of burglars.

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