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Kuna, Now Shipping!

October 06, 2015

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to deliver you the very best in smart home security solutions, and today we’re proud that we can officially announce…

We’ve completed all shipment rounds to our Indiegogo backers and pre-order customers! shipping

Thousands of Kunas are now in the hands of some of our most passionate customers and backers for use in the real world. What started as an idea and an Indiegogo campaign has now morphed into a widely available product that’s undergone various design, engineering and production advancements to become the best smart light security fixture available.

This is a huge accomplishment for our team, and we’re extremely proud of the product we’ve put out to help you protect your home and loved ones. By purchasing a Kuna, you’ve taken the first step in making your home security proactive rather than reactive. Together, we can take smart home security systems to the next level.

Share a picture of your Kuna in action on our Facebook page or via Twitter. We love hearing how everyone is putting Kuna to use!

Keep checking back for more exciting updates in the future – this is just the beginning for Kuna!

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