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The Happy Halloween Safety List

October 27, 2015


Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in the US. According to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey, more than 157 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year.

To maximize your enjoyment of the festivities, we have compiled a list of safety points so you and your family enjoy a truly Happy Halloween.

Halloween Home Safety

Safety always begins in the home. Halloween means that a lot of kids will be tramping to your door, and a few simple precautions will go a long way for everyone’s enjoyment:

  • Make sure the pathways to your door, or any other trick-or-treat routes are well lit and clear
    • Check all your lighting fixtures and replace burnt-out bulbs
    • Make sure there are no obstructions
  • Use safe Halloween décor
    • Use decorations that won’t snag costumes or cause accidents
    • Only allow adults to carve pumpkins
    • Minimize using candles or any open flame source
  • Lock your home if you will be out. This includes your windows, garage and doors (side, back and front).

Halloween Safety for Adults

Halloween isn’t just for kids! By following a few simple steps, adults can have a lot of fun at parties or going trick-or-treating with their children:

  • Don’t wear a costume that blocks your vision, especially when walking down the street or driving
    • Long costumes increase the possibility of tripping and falling
  • Drive very carefully. Many children will be out, and they may be difficult to see in costume and in the darkness.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption and avoid anything that impairs your senses or judgement
  • Moderate your own candy consumption

Halloween Safety for Kids

Halloween is fun for kids, but dressing in elaborate costumes and walking at night presents a set of challenges. Here’s to make sure they have a wonderful time:

  • Halloween costumes should be child friendly
    • Choose masks that are easy to see out of. Don’t let young children use costume contact lenses.
    • Avoid long costumes that drag on the ground, or high shoes that can lead to falls
    • Put lights on both the front and back of your child’s costume to make them highly visible
    • If you apply Halloween makeup on your child, make sure it is labeled non toxic, and from a reputable manufacturer
    • Accessories, such as swords, should be soft and flexible. Avoid sharp edges!
  • On trick-or-treating
    • Make sure your kids go out in a group and are accompanied by a responsible adult. Ensure that the group stays together and encourage kids to use the buddy system.
    • Make sure your child knows who to contact (and how to do it) if they get separated from the group
    • Plan a route for the children. Make sure it is nearby and both of you are familiar with it.
    • Check in on the kids at least once an hour. Ask them to call or text you.
    • Feed your children a proper meal before they go out. This minimizes them snacking on too much candy while out.
    • Before they go out, make sure your kids know how much candy they can eat. Don’t let them gorge on everything at night. Instead, have them spread out their haul over the appropriate number of days.

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be a difficult and confusing time for pets. Make sure they are comfortable and well supervised, especially if they’re participating in the festivities.

  • Keep pets secure and inside the home
    • Loud noises and large groups of new people may make pets stressed or anxious. Keep them inside if you are spending the night out.
    • If you dress up your pets, choose safe costumes that do not obstruct their vision or impede movement. Do not let them wear costumes if they’re unsupervised.
    • Do not feed candy to your pets. Chocolate, even in small amounts, is toxic to dogs and cats.

Long story short, some advanced planning and a little common will ensure that you and your family have a great night. Happy Halloween!

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