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Top Ten Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

November 11, 2015

For those planning a trip, a little caution and common sense go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure while you’re gone.

According to the FBI there were an estimated 1,729,806 burglaries in 2014 and a whopping 73.2 percent of all these burglary offenses were residential properties.

We have compiled a list of common home security mistakes to avoid and measures to take that make your home an obviously difficult target that burglars will be likely to pass on.


A secure home is possible by avoiding common security mistakes.

Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

1. Forgetting to Lock Up
Never forget to secure all home entry points by locking all doors and windows. Do not forget upstairs windows and balcony doors.

2. Not turning the lights on at night
A dark home clearly says that nobody is home. Consider installing a timer for your lights. For more information on how to light up read our  Home Exterior Lighting Guide.

3. Having spare keys everywhere
Do not hide spare keys under the plant pot or under the door mat by the door. Avoid giving a spare key to too many people.

4. Neglecting your homes appearance
The jungle that is beginning to grow out of your front lawn is a dead giveaway that no one is home. Paying a neighborhood kid you trust to mow the lawn or shovel the snow goes a long way in keeping your home looking like its occupied.

5. Not replacing worn locks and doors
Your home security hardware is subject to wear and tear which can cause them to fail. For more information read our post: Your Home Security Hardware Replacement Schedule

6. Letting mail and newspaper accumulate at the door
Uncollected mail and newspaper piles means no one is home to read them. Ask your paper boy to hold off on the newspapers until you are back. Likewise, ask the post office to keep your mail and collect them when you get back.

7. Broadcasting you are not home
Do not share your vacation plans on social media and give ideas to the wrong people. Photos and experiences are best shared after, when you are back at home.  Read our Social Media Primer on how to keep safe on social media.

8. Leaving tools and ladders out
Tools such as hammers, saws, lawn clippers and ladders should be kept out of sight when not in use.  Leaving them out makes them available to people who would use them to try to break into your home.

9. Not closing your curtains and shades
Out of sight and out of mind. Your valuables are safer when people can’t see them. Closed curtains and shades keep prying eyes out and help regulate the temperature inside.

10. Not having a security system
Install your Kuna! had this to say about Kuna “This camera lets you see and interact with visitors, right from your smartphone, thanks to a handy intercom system. It can also prevent home break-ins by alerting you before an attack happens, instead of reporting it after the fact. With the push of a button, you can sound an alarm to deter burglars”.


Do you have something to add to this list?  Let us know in the comments below.

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