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Your Pre-Vacation, Home Preparation Checklist

November 25, 2015

Going on vacation? Make sure you don’t forget a thing by going through this home preparation checklist. Here’s to a safe and stress-free travel season!

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1. Arrange Care for All Your Pets and Plants

We tackle pet care in  How to Care For Your Pets When You’re On Vacation. But what we didn’t mention is that you have to arrange for plant care too. Find someone to water them while you’re away.


2. Check the Fridge and Freezer

Avoid nasty surprises when you return! Check the expiration dates of your food and throw away perishables, or anything close to expiring.


3. Empty the Trash

Trash becomes extra smelly when left indoors for days, and it can attract pests. Clean your house thoroughly before leaving, and make sure to take out all the trash.


4. Unplug Appliances

Appliances that produce heat, or could potentially blow a fuse, should be left unplugged. This includes anything that can be damaged by a power surge, like computers, routers and other electronics. Read more about how to secure your home network here. When you unplug appliances, you’ll also get the added benefit of saving electricity.


5. Back Up All Important Information

Airport X Rays are considered safe for electronic media, but data loss during travel is still possible. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Back up all your important digital information, use encryption for password protection, and keep all your media in a safe place.


6. Set Your Lighting On and Off Schedule

Make sure your lights go on and off at the right time to give the impression someone is always home. You can set your Kuna’s on and off schedule on the smartphone app.


7. Pay All Bills

Make sure all your bills are paid to prevent any service interruptions or late fees. This is especially important to watch out for on longer trips. To make things easier, look into prepayment options, or set up online bill pay.


8. Fix All Leaks, and Shut Off Water and Gas

Any leaks, whether from piping, water fixtures or the roof, should be fixed to prevent uncontrolled water damage while you are away. Consider shutting off your water and gas for long trips.


9. Put Important Documents and Valuables in Safe Storage

Don’t leave your valuables unprotected. Consider storing your important documents, and other valuables, in a safe or safety deposit box.


10. Lock All Your Doors and Windows

Make sure the entire house is secure. Secure all windows, and check and double check all your locks.


11. Recruit a Trusted Friend, Relative or Neighbor to Help While You’re Away

Ask a friend, relative or neighbor to care for your plants and and keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. They should also be in charge of any deliveries. Make sure they know how to contact you wherever you are.


12. Take Care of Your Car

Your car is a big investment. Park it in a safe, preferably covered place, and make sure the interior is dry and clean to prevent mold and mildew. Look out for our “How to Leave Your Car While You Are On Vacation” post coming soon.


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