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Kuna Deters Burglars in Fontana, CA

January 26, 2016

Sometimes people ask us how Kuna can prevent break-ins. One of our customers recently used his Kunas for that exact purpose, and was kind enough to send us the footage. In the recording below, you see potential burglars come up to his back door, look around, notice the Kuna, and leave! The customer captured footage using Kunas on the front and the back of his house, and was then able to send the footage to his local police department.

Kuna is a smart home security solution that empowers you to prevent break-ins. Police officers like Jeff Godown (former San Francisco Chief of Police) agree that the best way to prevent break-ins is to safely engage potential burglars while they are outside. “Kuna lets you do that,” he says.

Burglaries are crimes of opportunity. In general, burglars will knock on the front door and, if nobody answers, they will go around and attempt to break in through the back door. If you have a Kuna for every entry point to your home, or anywhere you have an outdoor light fixture, you’ll have multiple opportunities to safely engage with visitors on your property.

Kuna helps you prevent break-ins by allowing you to interact with visitors, deter potential burglars, and keep your family safe:

Motion Alerts

When your Kuna smart home security light detects a motion event, it will send an alert to your mobile device. This lets you know when there’s activity on your property, so you can respond right away.

Live Video Feed and 2-Way Audio Intercom

Kuna’s live video feed and 2-way audio intercom lets you see what’s happening on your property, in real-time, right from the app. It also allows you to speak with people at your door while they are still outside, even if you’re not home.

Alarm System

If you ever feel that your property is threatened, you can sound an alarm directly through the Kuna app, leveraging a 100dB speaker that is as loud as a motorcycle.

Subtle Outdoor Design

Kuna is elegantly built into an outdoor light fixture. This makes it ideal for capturing what’s going on outside your home, without drawing too much attention to your home security system.

Recorded Motion Events

Kuna allows you to “go back in time” to see motion events from up to two hours ago, or longer with a premium plan. This makes it easy to see who is coming and going on your property during the day.

Want to know more about how Kuna can help you keep your family and your home safe? Have a safety tip to share? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a note:

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