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What Are Kuna Premium Subscription Plans?

February 02, 2016


Never miss a moment again

Our optional premium subscription plans provide affordable peace of mind by allowing you to conveniently “go back in time” to access every event captured for up to 30 days. In addition to an extended “look back” window, premium plans entitle you to exclusive benefits not offered to unpaid users, like secure cloud storage, unlimited HD quality downloads, lifetime theft protection, priority support, and more.

Let’s Start with the basics:


What’s the difference between Standard and Premium?


Standard (Free):

Unlike traditional security systems that only alert you when something bad has already happened, Kuna’s advanced features are designed to help you stop break-ins before they happen by empowering you to take preventative action. And as an added bonus, if you ever miss a “live-interaction” alert, we conveniently record and store every event captured in our secure cloud for 2 hours free of charge — so you can review, rewind, and download events if you were not able to get to your phone right away.


Every device comes standard with the following advanced features (even without a plan):


24/7 live HD video feed — Stream real-time video with Kuna’s amazingly sharp HD camera to see what’s happening outside your home at any time, day or night.

Actionable mobile alertsInstant notification alerts are sent the moment activity is detected, allowing you to take action from anywhere.

2-way intercom— 2-way communication makes it easy to safely engage whoever’s approaching or already on your property.

Manually activated alarm system — Protect your home with a 100+ decibel siren that you control remotely from your phone or tablet.

Complete control of your lights — Turn your lights on and off from anywhere or set up an automated light schedule and with our location-based technology, your light can turn on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn.

2-hour “Look back window” — if you are not able to get to your phone right away you can “go back in time” to review, rewind, and download every event captured by your device in brilliant HD resolution for 2 hours free.

Unlimited events and 3 standard downloads (per month) — No limit on the number of events captured plus 3 complimentary downloads per month.



Premium (Paid):

Premium subscribers have the same advanced functionality as free users, but are entitled to exclusive benefits and can conveniently “go back in time” to access every recorded event captured for up to up to 30 days (depending on plan type).


Every premium plan comes with the following exclusive benefits:


Extended “Look back: window Review, rewind, and download captured events for up to 30 days on one of our affordable premium subscription plans (see plans and pricing).

Unlimited events & downloads – Absolutely no restrictions on the number of HD downloads for up to 30 days on a paid premium plan.

Smart-detection event capture – Our “smart detection” captures activity 10-15 seconds before and after an event is triggered, providing recordings that are actually useful to you.

Lifetime Theft Protection – In the event that your Kuna is ever stolen, it will immediately be deactivated and we’ll replace it free of charge.

Discounts on Future Products – All our premium plans offer significant discounts on future Kuna devices so that you can place multiple cameras all around your house, without breaking the bank.

Priority Email Support – All premium priority tickets are answered first by our industry leading support team, providing you with even faster response times to all support inquiries.

Have More Questions? 

Check out our Q&A below:


Can I still use my Kuna if I don’t have a premium plan?

Of course! All “live-interaction” features and our free mobile app come standard with the purchase of every device. Having both the standard free live interaction service as well as optional premium services was always the plan, as we stated on our Indiegogo campaign and on our website. We’ve invited our early customers to try some of our premium services,  including unlimited recordings, until we felt that the service quality was up to our standards.


How is each recording captured by Kuna?

Our “smart detection” technology captures video 10–20 seconds before and after an event is triggered, ensuring users always get the whole picture. This means that recordings start when visitors are approaching from a distance, rather than when they are already at the door.


Can I test one of the premium plans before subscribing?

Absolutely! Every new Kuna account will receive a 14-day free trial of ‘Absolute Control’, our highest tier premium plan, when registering a device for the first time.


Are there any discounts associated with the purchase of a premium plan?

Yes! Subscribers will be entitled to significant discounts on future Kuna devices, so that you can set up multiple cameras all around the house without breaking the bank.


What is the benefit of subscribing to one of Kuna’s premium plans?

Premium plans entitle subscribers to exclusive added benefits not offered to unpaid users. These benefits include secure cloud storage, unlimited HD quality downloads, lifetime theft protection for all Kuna devices, priority support and more.


Is there any risk associated with signing up for a annual plan?

Even if you sign up for annual payments, you can cancel and get a pro-rated refund at anytime. Only continue to pay as long as you find value in the service.



Recap for current Kuna users

Kuna premium subscription plans are optional. If you choose not to sign up a for premium plan the standard functionality of your device and mobile app will not change. You’ll always continue to receive actionable activity alerts as they are detected. And of course you still have complete control of your Kuna device and our free app to turn your lights on/off, sound a 100+ decibel siren, hear high-quality audio, and speak with people anytime.

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