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The Future of Home Security

February 03, 2016

Three years ago my co-founder, Sai-Wai, and I set out to build a home security service that would be useful, simple, and preventive. We saw how traditional solutions failed because they were designed to report on break-ins after they happened and even worse, required a professional to install and manage.

That’s why we set out to create a practical, preventive security system that could be installed easily, and set up by anyone with a smartphone. Simplicity is one of the core values at the heart of Kuna. That’s why we designed Kuna to be an intuitive product that we’d want to use ourselves.

We firmly believe that a home security service should simplify your life by giving you peace of mind, rather than add to your worries. It’s in this spirit that we’re proud to announce the launch of Kuna’s premium subscription plans.

Never miss a moment again

Our optional premium plans provide affordable peace of mind by allowing subscribers “to go back in time” to access every event captured for up to 30 days.

Much more than just basic cloud storage

In addition, premium plans entitle subscribers to exclusive benefits not offered to unpaid users, like secure cloud storage, unlimited HD quality downloads, lifetime theft protection, priority support, and more.

No contracts, cancel any time!

Even if you sign up for annual payments, you can cancel and get a pro-rated refund. Only continue to pay as long as you find value in the service.

What the Future Has in Store

Plans that keep on getting better

There are many future developments planned to extend Kuna’s usefulness even further. Our premium plans allow us to continue to roll out new advanced features to subscribers and cover the server costs required to deploy them.

We look forward to continuing to help you protect your homes and loved ones in 2016 and beyond!


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