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Reviewing Your Kuna Footage

March 09, 2016


Reviewing your security footage is a critical step in the use of your Kuna home security system.  With a new Kuna outdoor security camera in place, you can check the high definition footage every time you get an alert on your phone. But sometimes we miss the alerts. As busy people we may not always check to see who is at the door because we expect delivery people personnel, or people with legitimate business. But you owe it to your family to validate every person who comes close to your door.

Kuna is a proactive security system that alerts you of potential problems. Some behavior is difficult to spot; a person who veered close to your door and walked away is easy to dismiss but bears a second look. If Kuna alerted you and the presence was gone by the time you checked, it is prudent to spend time reviewing your footage to check for potential problems.  Remember you may have missed suspicious behavior, but this was all caught by Kuna.

The Kuna home security system operates 365 days a year so you never miss a moment. Our highly recommended premium plans that start at just $4.99 a month let you “Go Back in Time,” Anytime. Review, rewind, and download captured events for up to 30 days on one of our affordable premium subscription plans.

To assure you are spending the necessary time viewing your footage, try scheduling time to review it on a daily or weekly basis depending on what your personal time and Kuna plan allow.  Even a short review is better than no review at all.

What to Look for

Now that you have maximized the recordings and scheduled time to sit down to review the footage, you need to know what to look for.  One of the best indicators of suspicious activity is the body language of people on camera.  People who belong and are doing no wrong want to be noticed by those around them.  They are present for a reason and expect someone at the location to see them and approach them.  Criminals, however, try their best to avoid being noticed.  These behaviors can be picked up easily while reviewing footage.  They will attempt many different techniques to avoid detection.  Baggy or concealing clothes, hats and sunglasses are worn to hide their identity.  Anyone who loiters or looks around constantly or returns multiple times for no apparent reason are red flags that should get your attention.  More obvious behaviors such as looking in windows or examining locks should be reported to police immediately.

Again, take note of these points. An excerpt from our blog post:

Look for telltale signs

Generally, people with good intentions want to be seen. Neighbors, delivery people, friends and family have real reasons to visit, and their objective is to get your attention. Criminals, on the other hand, have different behavior. Be on the lookout for these signs, especially if you see someone you don’t know:

Loitering – Anyone staying in the vicinity with no apparent business being there should be regarded with suspicion. This includes people taking photos of your home.

Multiple people – Criminals do not always work alone. They can bring companions to their heists and work as a team. One can act as a lookout for policemen, another can drive a getaway vehicle, and the rest may enter your home and split up to cover as much ground as possible. If an unknown group of people shows up at your door, this should be immediate cause for alarm.

Attempts to conceal identity – Excessive headwear, sunglasses at night, sticking to shadows, baggy clothes and secretive behavior may indicate that a person does not want to be seen.

A parked vehicle with people inside – An unknown vehicle parked outside your house with people inside for an extended period of time could mean your neighborhood is being monitored.

Repeat visits – If you see the same person repeatedly observing your home, this is a red flag. This person may have suspicious intentions.

Person surveying the locks – If a person on your security feed is surveying your door’s locking mechanism, they’re up to no good. Don’t hesitate to call the police or security personnel.

Assuring Your Kuna Security Camera Footage is of Benefit to Law Enforcement

Kuna security camera footage can be critical to law enforcement.  The use of footage in prosecution is increasing dramatically due to the explosion of cameras recording our daily lives.  Kuna has a time and date stamp directly on the footage.  This is important to the admissibility of any recordings as it establishes a specific date and time a crime takes place.

Most police departments have tips for property owners using security cameras.  Keep your Kuna camera and light lens clean to capture great footage day and night<link to future Kuna maintenance guide>.

Identifying people on footage can be very difficult. When Kuna captures an even that may be of interest to law enforcement, do not attempt to manipulate, edit or enhance the images or footage as this could negate their use in a criminal case.  The integrity of the footage must be maintained.

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