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March 16, 2016

All parents want to know how can they can create a better, safer world for their children. Your home is a great place to start.

We spend most of our time at home, and tend to think of it as the safest place, but recent  statistics show children are injured by preventable accidents from common items such as television sets (22,000) and open windows (5,500) each year. Check your home closely for potential dangers to crawling and teetering little ones.

At Kuna, your family safety and home security is our highest priority. This home childproofing guide contains simple strategies for keeping your child safe and happy.

Use Non-Slip Flooring

Young children are in the awkward stage of developing their motor skills, it is expected that they slip and tumble from the time to time. Installing rubber mats or carpeting in their play areas are the best options for both padding and traction to prevent bumps and falls.


Childrens kindergarten toys resting on a brightly colored soft foam tiled floor

Soft rubber matting prevents slips and falls while providing cushioning.


Use Warm Bathwater (Not Too Hot or Too Cold)

The perfect temperature for a bath is 120 degrees. The Mayo Clinic recommends this temperature for infants in their useful article  Baby Bath Basics: A Parent’s Guide. However, this temperature rating is ideal for children and adults too.


Create Rounded Corners

Blunt edges are dangerous for young children, especially on furniture. You can prevent injuries by installing  edge and corner guards to round out potentially dangerous edges.


Buy Functional and Sturdy Furniture

Install functional, sturdy pieces that can withstand playdates and rough play but still be comfortable enough for afternoon reading or relaxing. If you can buy furniture with stain-resistant upholstery, that’s even better!


Help Your Children Stay Organized

A child’s room needs a way to keep their toys, books, clothes and other things out of the way so they don’t trip over them. Shelves, bins, boxes and closets are very important for their room and can encourage them to pack away their things and look after themselves.

Home organization can be fun and colorful. Interior designers say that cool colors similar to water can help your child relax while red hues can give them a boost of energy. Consider transparent bins for their toys so they can see what they want before opening their drawers.


Secure Loose Furniture to the Wall

Secure heavy bookshelves, televisions, picture frames and other top-heavy items to the wall so your child doesn’t accidentally pull these down.


Install Childproof Locks

You need sturdy locks on bathrooms and the kitchen. Put child locks on closets. If possible, make sure that non-childproof locks are installed high up, so children cannot reach them and accidentally lock themselves in.


Childproof cupboard

Use childproof locks to restrict access to potentially dangerous items, such as knives and cleaning agents.


Secure Your Windows

Installing screens, grills or window locks is a must especially during your kids’ toddler phase. You never know what they can use to boost themselves up on the window sill.


Fix Your Stairs

A rickety or broken step, a wobbly banister or too-steep staircases can make your home less child-friendly. Install a child gate or make sure they never use the steps without you. Check out our article on  staircase safety for more information.


Everything Goes Up Top

On to the kitchen. Keep all hazardous chemicals and substances in a high shelf where your kids can never reach them. Separate your sharp kitchen utensils from your spoons and forks. If you think something is dangerous to your child, put it away where they can’t reach.


Cover Your Sockets

Tiny fingers love to pry and they can certainly try to prod and even lick electric sockets. Cover these outlets with plastic guards, and make them as inconspicuous as possible. Avoid fancy designs on socket covers. Smiley-faces and bright colors on socket guards can only make small children more interested in these big no-no’s.


Use Your Home Security System

A smart security light like Kuna can help you keep track of people coming and going on your property. With the Kuna app, you can make sure your older kids arrive home from school safely, or check in with your child’s babysitter.


In the end, you can completely child-proof your home, but you cannot replace interior design with careful attention and love for your child. In addition to taking basic safety precautions, make sure you never lose sight of your little ones.

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