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March 16, 2016


The United States loves online shopping. There were 191 million Shoppers and 703.28 billion worth of sales according to in its 2015 report. We find the items, compare models, prices, and jump from store to store with the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse. We can get exactly what we want and never even have to leave the comfort of our chair. The next few days are spent repeatedly checking the online tracking of our package. The day comes when you get the delivery notification in your email inbox. You rush home from work and there’s no package!

The growth in on-line sales and vast amounts of merchandise shipping back and forth across the country has led to an increase in thefts of parcels right from our front porches. NBC reports that finds that an estimated 23 million Americans have had delivery packages stolen from their homes.

These package thieves have become brazen, walking right up to the front door and grabbing that box from Amazon in broad daylight. Many thieves have taken to following delivery trucks on their routes and collecting the packages minutes after they have been dropped off. Even when someone is home, a package can disappear before the owner even realizes a delivery has been made.

We have compiled steps you can take that can help eliminate the chance of your package being stolen.

Set up Kuna

Kuna’s smart detection triggers the entire system when motion is detected by your door. You get a mobile alert so you can speak to a delivery person and given them instructions on an alternate location to leave the package, such as under the grill or behind a bush by the back door.

Security experts advise posting a clear warning that the premises are being monitored by a security camera.  These signs work as an effective preventative measure, scaring off a potential thief before they even get their hands on your package

In the event someone attempts to snatch a package from your front door. Kuna has a motion detector built in that triggers both the alert to your phone and the high definition security camera to begin recording. You get the alert and know what had happened. Kuna has smart recording of when motion is detected so you don’t end up reviewing hours of useless footage.

Kuna high definition recording should be given to authorities and serves as proof that your package was not received and allows you to request a refund, either through the carrier, store or even from your credit card company.

Other measures for protecting your package can be taken, many through contact with the carrier.  Here are some suggestions:

Require a signature

No package will be left unattended by a carrier if it requires a signature. They will ring the bell or knock and if there is no answer the package will go back on the truck for the next day’s route. Adding this option to a shipment can be done by either the shipper or the customer, it can even be added after an item has already been shipped.

Select an alternate delivery location

If the adults of the household work during the day, have the packages delivered to your work location. If that isn’t an option, consider a trusted neighbor or relative who is usually home to receive packages. Do not rely on children to receive any shipments. Unattended children, even teens, should not answer the door for anyone they don’t know, even if they are wearing a uniform.

Pick your package up

All the major carriers have locations convenient to you where you can stop to pick-up your package. Amazon even uses a locker system installed at locations across the United States where you can retrieve your package – or even drop off a return.  

Personalize your delivery options

When you feel it is okay for a package to be left by the carrier, you can set-up special delivery instructions. Ask them to ring the bell. Even if they don’t have to wait for a signature, this lets anyone home retrieve the package immediately. Do you have a special spot for the packages? Arrange to have the package left out of sight from the street. This will ensure that a passerby won’t spot it and impulsively decide to snatch it. However, remember that asking for a package to be left behind a fence or by the back door will give a determined thief cover and privacy while they grab it.

The three main carriers, USPS, UPS and FedEx all have comprehensive online presences. Through their site you can schedule your delivery for a time you know you will be home or give instructions.  Requiring a signature, selecting an alternative destination or arranging to pick it up yourself can all be arranged through the carrier’s website.

Help to secure your property, even before it arrives in your hand by choosing some of these techniques to put into place. Measures taken before hand can prevent a theft, or capture it on video saving you time, money and will maintain your sense of security.

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