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March 31, 2016


Home security is synonymous with family safety. Are you as safe as you can be? Over 2.5 Million home invasions are reported each year, a home robbery occurs every 13 seconds, and almost 2500 cars are stolen each year. Burglary victims suffered a loss of almost $2,119 on average per burglary in the last year. Clearly, there is a growing need to take your home security up a notch. Owning a well-trained guard dog is one of the canniest or caninenest ways of protecting yourself and your family from unwelcome people.

A good guard dog boosts home security because dogs sense possible peril at a level that humans cannot operate in. Heightened senses of smell and hearing makes them a great complement to your home alarm. Dogs are also our best friend. Every family has happy memories of that very special dog whose antics and energy brightened everyone’s day who would have fought tooth and nail to protect everyone. Here are the 10 best dog breeds for home security:

1.     Akita

The fearless and bold Akita is a breed that deserves the utmost praise and respect. Originally bred for the posh Japanese eons ago, Akitas are famous for their strong protective instincts, intense suspicions of other animals and strange people, and their rigid loyalty to only their owner families, makes them one of the worthiest companions to men.

These robust and large creatures can withstand even the harshest weather. They are a menacing threat to trespassers, even more so when they work in pairs. However, here’s a word of warning; Akitas do not cohabitate well with other animals. In addition, their loyalty and trust can only be earned by an experienced and firm owner. So, this breed is to be steered clear of if you have never had a dog before.

Akita Inu

2.     Belgian Mallinois

The Belgian Mallinois is one the most animated and energetic breed of guard dogs that you can live with. In fact, some dogs are so lively, they continue to exhibit puppy like traits until they are well in their third year. Owning one of these dogs would entail you to ensure they always have something to do to stay active and busy.

They are prone to destruction if they feel neglected. This breed is extremely loyal, vigorous, and protective of their family. Due to these qualities, Belgian Mallinois have been serving as working dogs, guard dogs, and search and rescue dogs for the law enforcement and military for decades, in addition to protecting the White house.

3.     Bullmastiff

The protective and endearing Bullmastiff, also known as the “Silent watchdog”, is a cross between an English bulldog and an English Mastiff, but has been deemed a purebred since the 1920s. Valiant, strong, and discreet, the breed has always been used as a guard dog to deter poachers off large properties. Bullmastiff are highly defensive of strangers due to their unbounding love and affection for the family. An average Bullmastiff weighs around 150 pounds, making it capable of taking down humans of larger builds. However, they need to be properly trained to learn and follow commands, and kept engaged as they don’t care much for monotony. The only hitch to keeping a Bullmastiff is coming to grips with their perpetual slobbering.

4.     Doberman Pinscher

Their reputation and name precedes them as the ultimate guard dogs. Intelligent, determined, loyal, fearless, and vigilant, The Doberman have been serving as the notorious guard dogs in Germany since the late 19 th century. Their muscular stature allows for high speed and endurance, as well as effective attacks when imperiled by threatening strangers. As long as they continue to receive ample exercise and socialize properly with the family, the Doberman becomes a delightful, ever watchful house guard to anyone willing to nurture them.

5.     German Shepherd

As expected, no list involving guard dogs is ever complete without this commendable breed. A German shepherd is the second most highly sought after guard dog in the US because of its’ intelligence, obedience, unparalleled strength, and its’ ability to adapt to any task at hand. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that despite their constant shedding, a German shepherd is one of the best guard dogs to have.

German Shepherd

6.     Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer is a working dog from Bavaria, and has been used indefinitely for an array of functions, including serving as a police dog, guarding brewers, hauling carts, and herding cattle. They are not only menacing due to their hefty size, but also due to their fierce bite and intimidating bark. The Giant Schnauzer is an extremely energetic breed, and if left inactive for long periods, their destructive side could be revealed. You may want to avoid this breed if you have young children.

They remain relatively calm and rarely bark unless they feel threatened. This makes them a perfect choice for security purposes and families. They are sturdily built with a thick coat, and are considered extremely loyal to the family.

7.     Great Pyrenees

While possessing a gentle disposition and being extremely calm with children, they are highly defensive and protective over their families. Don’t expect the Great Pyrenees to roll around lovingly on your couch, as it would be busy patrolling the outside perimeters, alerting you with its distinctive, heavy bark. These smart dogs perfectly comprehend the dynamics of their family, while being suspicious of strangers and guests. However, since they are slow learners, only own a Pyrenees if you can commit to patiently teach it new commands.

8.     Pit Bull

Pitbull might have been condemned for years, and few people realize their true worth. While they are ferocious with anything they perceive to be even remotely threatening, they are extremely gentle and affectionate with their owners. Pitbulls make an excellent house pet and a menacing guard dog, granted they are treated well and trained correctly.

9.     Rottweiler

Rottweiler is one of the most ancient breeds on our list, with roots going as deep as the Roman Empire. The Rottweiler is an extremely energetic breed and is capable of performing heavy duty tasks. This guard dog is highly defensive and affectionate over its owner family; however they are pretty aloof with strangers until well acquainted. This highly intelligent and smart breed can be trained to become excellent guard dogs. However, if not trained well, the Rottweiler is too aggressive a breed to leave unattended around small children.

10.Siberian Husky

Their unparalleled resilience can be proven by their capability in pulling sleds in harsh winters over extended distances. However, this is not the only task a Siberian husky is capable of. They can adapt to any task you assign them, as long as it is outdoors. However, they can be very demanding of their owners when left alone.

Siberian Husky studio portrait

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