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April 07, 2016


If you are currently having or thinking about getting repairs or construction work done at your home, you should be familiar with the fact that a team of contractors will be hanging around your place for the better part of the day. While their presence is indispensable to getting the job done, it is highly prudent to raise your guard up a notch.  Home remodeling crime statistics and quotes such as this from Security Management Magazine that estimates that 3.3 percent of homes under construction will suffer a break in or theft, have proven that many valuables are pilfered and homes vandalized during the construction process. A barrage of strange men pouring in and out of the house at will makes it difficult to stand guard, especially for a working people.

Here are a few home security measures you can take to monitor home remotely during construction work:

Perimeter outdoor security lighting

Scaffolding and tarp are excellent outdoor hiding places. This is why it is highly recommended to install flood lights around the periphery of your home and keep them well lit after dusk. The lights should be so placed so as to illuminate every possible nook and cranny around the home.

Kuna security cameras with night vision and motion sensors around entrances

Kuna outdoor security cameras are equipped with motion sensors that alert you to even the slightest movement in and around your home. Kuna’s night vision camera can even capture footage at night when it really matters.

Kuna allows you to monitor people entering and leaving your home without them knowing it. Kuna is a home security system disguised as a lighting fixture connected to your home Wi-Fi so it is essentially a wireless spy camera that lets you keep tabs on things back home even when you are away.

Keep the construction site neat

The area to be worked on should be clear of all your valuables and other family belongings. Keep everything locked up and out of sight.

No construction equipment after work

Make sure your contractor and their workers clean up after their day’s work. This includes locking up all supplies and tools used on the construction site to prevent slips and falls. Another reason for hiding away the construction equipment is so they cannot be used to enter your home.

Hire a reputable contractor

Hiring a reputable and trustworthy contractor is the first step to ensuring safe construction.  Feedback and recommendations from people you trust can go a long way.

Inform all family members

Let everyone know about the work to be done, which part of the house and for how long. Everyone has a part for home security.

A smart home security light

Kuna is a smart camera in an outdoor light that

lets you prevent break-ins instead of waiting for an alarm

Kuna Craftsman

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You're always connected

We recommend you install Kuna  at all major entry points to your home so you’re never caught off guard when someone comes to your door. You can add multiple cameras to the Kuna app and your recordings will show footage from each of these camera.


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