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April 14, 2016


Does it matter if your security system records data on hard drives or in the Cloud? If you want a better security system in this digital age, yes it does.

The technology used to store your data should be a primary consideration when you consider a home security company with a surveillance camera system recording.

Home Security Footage Recording: Cloud vs Physical

How data is stored

Physical data recording means having a dvr system recording footage to a hard disk somewhere near the location of the cameras. These systems are usually wired. Each wired security camera or spy camera connects directly to a channel which saves all footage to a hard drive. The problem with this is installing and routing all the cabling that will be needed. This means an investment in materials, equipment and installation fees. An even larger commitment is monitoring the hardware to make sure it is still recording months after installation and swapping out the hard drives when they are full.

Cloud home camera surveillance recording means your indoor or outdoor Wifi camera is transmitting what it sees via your home Wi-Fi connection. Home security system providers such as Kuna provide encrypted Cloud storage for your footage. Footage captured on this system can be viewed from the Cloud. No need to go grab a hard drive or go to a dvr system to play back footage. You can literally replay footage from thousands of miles away at any time.

Kuna Cloud recorded home security footage advantages

  1. More useful “moments”
    1. Our  “smart detection” captures activity 10-15 seconds before and after an event is triggered, providing recordings that are actually useful. No need to review hours or days worth of footage to get to what is needed.
  2. No need to manage IT infrastructure
    1. No need to check on cables, hardware and software. Or swap hard drives.
    2. No need to allocate space in the vicinity which also means no racking, backup power or cabling.
    3. No fear of your recording system failing.
    4. Do you know that humidity, temperature and other extraneous factors can corrupt your drives? What’s more, handling the drive and dropping it can mean something more than a sheepish “Whoops!”
  3. Animated Video Thumbnails
    1. See a quick snapshot of every event captured. Our animated thumbnails provide a glimpse into what triggered an event so you don’t have to go searching through hours of footage.
  4. Priority Email Support
    1. All premium priority tickets are answered first by our industry leading support team, providing you with even faster response times to all support inquiries

Cloud-based solutions can’t be stolen.

When you need your security footage for a court case, it becomes evidence. With the Cloud, you can have as many copies as you want and all the backups you need.

Not to mention cloud based storage cannot be stolen. While you could say that drives are becoming smaller and technology is rapidly evolving to give us better data solutions, local hard drives and DVR are fraught with vulnerabilities. Home intruders and tech-savvy criminals already know how to weaken your security system and corrupt your data—they haven’t figured out how to beat the Cloud.

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We recommend you install Kuna  at all major entry points to your home so you’re never caught off guard when someone comes to your door. You can add multiple cameras to the Kuna app and your recordings will show footage from each of these camera.


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