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April 27, 2016

Home renovation is a time for much needed maintenance and desired home improvements. A snazzy new kitchen, living room, green and efficient home lighting, beautiful and safe bathrooms, bedrooms or more storage space are usually at the top of everyone’s home improvement list. A home remodel is also a great opportunity for practical improvements that increase family safety. Increase home security during your next renovation with a few simple changes to counter  common ways burglars break-in.

Upgrade Locks, Hinges and Door-Jambs

The easiest entry point to most homes is the front door. Prevent break-ins by investing in solid core, preferably metal core exterior doors. These should come with a Grade 1 deadbolt. Upgrade to steel hinges and door jambs. This should prevent doors from opening by being kicked in, or having the locks picked.

  • A sturdy, steel door is harder to break down than a decorative wooden door with a glass inlay that can be shattered easily.
  • Locks for both windows and doors have ratings. Always invest in Grade 1 to maximize your home protection.


    Investing in regularly replacing locks is a wise investment

    Maintain and replace your locks


Install New Glass and Windows

Windows should also be paid attention to in your upcoming home improvement. All ground floor windows should have locks and, when appropriate, shatterproof glass. Ensure there are no “climbing opportunities” to reach second floor windows, such as nearby trees. Always close your windows when you leave home.

Always close your windows when you leave home

Use steel pins and bolts to secure windows


Update Your Home Security and Outdoor Lighting with Kuna

All  home outdoor security lighting increases family safety, but Kuna’s smart security light goes the extra mile. The Kuna light is equipped with a motion sensor, a security camera, a 100 decibel siren, and a two-way communication system. Whenever motion is detected, Kuna sends an alert to your smartphone that lets you see who is at door, and interact with them live, from wherever you are. The Kuna app also lets you set up a customized light schedule. Kuna is also easy to install, and comes in three beautiful designs to match your home: Traditional, Contemporary and Craftsman.


Home security updates during a remodel are a great thing but don’t wait for the next renovation before you check up on your now new hardware. Check out our home security hardware replacement schedule. Another good read is our article about  home security during a remodel.

Kuna, preventive home security

Kuna, preventive home security

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