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May 04, 2016

Even if your kids are responsible and honest, teenagers will be teenagers. They are constantly on the go, bringing friends home, and leaving windows and doors unsecured. As parents, you want to do everything in your power to protect them. A great way to accomplish this is by having a sit-down conversation to explain their responsibility and role as it pertains to home security and family safety.

Mounting security camera installations with built-in motion sensors around doorways and entry points serve two distinct purposes for homes with teenagers. First, this type of home security system provides peace of mind when teens are alone after school or while parents go out for the evening. Second, it gives parents a method of monitoring the activities of their teens without invading their space. The bottom line: Using a camera-mounted system with a built-in sensor will alert you if someone without authority tries to enter your home.

Proper Education

Because most teens think they know everything, a little shock value may be required to get key points across about home security and family safety. Rather than instill fear, provide just enough information so your teenagers understand the importance of the role that they play in keeping the home and family safe.

A camera-mounted security system with interactive capabilities is an excellent way of protecting the home. For instance, if you have concerns about the people that your teens bring home, simply review the footage and take the appropriate action. Based on what you see, you can call your teen via phone, hold a two-way conversation using the system, or notify local law enforcement of an emergency.

All too often, teens get in a hurry without giving things a second thought, leave the home without locking the doors and windows. Obviously, this is an open invitation to an intruder. Therefore, offer your teens some facts about the risk of home intrusions so they gain more respect.

Statistically 60 percent of home burglaries involved forced entry. In 30 percent of the cases, the intruder entered through an unlocked door or window. Typically, burglars scout out homes to avoid those with a surveillance camera system, so having cameras mounted around doorways and other entry points is a strong deterrent against crime.

Develop and Practice a Safety Plan

Take the opportunity to devise a plan of action. Start by having your teens make a sweep of the home, locking all windows and doors. Next, teach them the proper way to arm and disarm the home security system.

By creating a routine that is practiced over and over, your teenagers will eventually go through the steps without hesitation. You also want to provide emergency contact information when gone and let your teens know when you will return home. Remind your teenagers that in approaching adulthood, they play a critical role in family safety. As part of your plan for home security, consider the following:

  • Awareness – Emphasize awareness, letting your teens know that they need to be alert when home alone. They should watch for unfamiliar vehicles and know what to do if a stranger comes to the door. In addition to preventing a break-in, this makes your teens feel more comfortable and in control.
  • Local News – Most teenagers could not care less about the local news. However, you should watch several airings with them so they can see that bad things happen to good people. Again, this is not to make them feel afraid but to create a realistic opinion of security and family safety.
  • Use Reminders – If necessary, you may need to provide your teens with one or more devices to use as a reminder to lock doors and windows. Depending on your kids, this might consist of sticky notes or a special phone app.

Creating Peace of Mind

Letting your teens know they have protection from your Kuna surveillance camera system to help create peace of mind. In addition, let them know that the system is designed to send you an alert via smartphone if activity outside the home is detected.

After reviewing the footage, you can make a quick decision about calling for help. Ultimately, the right home security system allows your teens to have independence while knowing that you are still monitoring the home for their protection.

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