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June 20, 2016

People sometimes ask me, “why did you become an electrical engineer?” For a long time I didn’t really know, I was simply fascinated by the living magic of electronics. At Caltech, as I took classes on embedded systems, signal processing, and philosophy, and then throughout my career discovered learning-based computer vision, the challenges of managing entropy to ensure security, and the beauty of dev ops nirvana, it became clear — electrons are the best bits we have to manipulate information, a computing confluence of hardware and software.

That is what I enjoy about Kuna. We are at the intersection of hardware, software, computer vision, and security, creating a digital doorman that protects our customers’ homes in a way that has never been possible. It is a complex project with many moving parts that work in harmonious concert — hardware that endures extreme weather conditions, machine vision that replicates the human visual cortex, a cloud backend that supports thousands of units around the world — all keeping our customers safe and protecting their homes. It is an important and fulfilling mission.

As the first employee at Kuna, I’ve had the unique opportunity to lead and witness all this materialize from being merely a concept to a real product that real people use. It has been an energizing, and at times humbling experience, made possible by our customers, partners, and our own team, who, like our product, work in concert to make the magic happen.

Chris Hiszpanski

Chief Architect, Kuna

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