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November 09, 2016

New Holiday Greeting: “Happy Thanksgiving,..Gobble Gobble”

A cheerful “Happy Thanksgiving” greeting followed by a playful turkey gobble that’s sure to entertain your family and friends when they stop by this year.



Audio Example of Our New Thanksgiving Holiday Greeting:
How to Configure Our New Security Sounds

All our new sounds can be toggled on-and-off via the Kuna app by going into your camera settings menu and selecting/clicking on the “gear” icon from the camera list view.

You can read more about the super simple settings configuration in this help center article.

*In addition, you may have noticed that we have updated our standard pre-recorded messages. This new upgrade is meant to be an improvement in sound quality and security with a more pronounced tone. Let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the sound play?

The greeting will be triggered each time you manually play a sound, or if you have auto-greetings turned on, then the sound will also play each time a new detection event occurs. So when a new recording is started, the sound will play. If a recording is already in progress and someone else walks into the frame, or the user walks back into the frame, etc., the sound will not be re-played. This effectively limits the sound to be playing once per minute or two.

At what volume does the sound play?

The sound is played at the same volume as a pre-recorded message from the live view, i.e. according to the volume preference that the user has set for the camera.

Can the sound be heard from the recordings?

Yes. Users are most likely familiar with the fact that their push-to-talk audio is not present in the recordings, but pre-recorded messages are indeed present. This will allow them to capture people’s reactions to the sounds being played.

What happened to the Halloween Greeting Sound?

To make room for new holiday themes sounds, we expire old themes ussualy within a few weeks of the Holiday ending. Our spooky Halloween sounds are set to expire on November 11, 2016.

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