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December 12, 2016

New App Update, Holiday Sounds, & Last Minute Savings!

Kuna Holiday Sounds

🎉 Happy New Year

❄️ Happy Holidays

🎄 Merry Christmas

🕎 Happy Hanukkah

🕯️ Happy Kwanzaa

All holiday messages can be found in your “prerecorded messages” list in the live view and also in the “detection sound” view.

Read more about it in this help center article.

New Enhanced App Updates:
  • Setup and Toucan Improvements
  • Companion status LED can now be turned on/off to match Kuna’s status LED. Now you can toggle your devices’ status LED and the companions’ will follow.
  • Enhanced “gamma” update helps to extract detail from shadows which helps  make the image quality even better day and night.
Example of New “Enhanced Gamma” Update:
Kuna App Gamma Update
But that’s not all, save big in time for the holidays!

This season we want to help you and your neighbors keep an eye out on your packages, loved ones, and property – without breaking the bank! See Promo Details

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