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November 04, 2016

Make sure your house stands out from others listings on the market in your area

Improve Curb appeal with Energy Efficient Smart Security Lights

Simple upgrades, like replacing outdated light fixtures, enhance your home’s value by greatly improving security and emphasizing landscaping features you want to call out to potential buyers and visitors.

In addition, Kuna’s Smart Security Lights are more than just static objects fixed to your home, they’re a complete home security system built into a beautiful light that you control from your phone.

The DIY improvements illustrated in the infographic bellow can be completed in an afternoon and won’t break the bank but these small changes are sure to make a big difference:

Security + Lighting. Secret to selling your home for the most money.

Smart Outdoor Home Security

No risk. 60-day money back guarantee. Free shipping. 1-year warranty.

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