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February 15, 2018

In the past, wires bound us to almost every device. Wired phones, computers, printers, and other devices entangled us in a messy web of wiring. As technology races on, wires no longer tether us to our devices. We now connect to our movies, music, friends, and family wire-free. Why should your security system tie you in knots? Find out why a wireless security system has many advantages to help you cut the cables and go wireless.


Remote Monitoring

Kuna Remote Monitoring on iPad

Wired security systems are a static solution to home security, and they cover only the area inside your home. Wireless security systems, however, are proactive, instantly reporting events to you. 

You can easily set up multiple wireless security cameras, motion sensors, and companion lights anywhere around your home, inside and out. Kuna's home security app connects the entire network so that you can keep an eye on your property and your loved ones through your smartphone when you are away. 

Remote monitoring of your home's wireless security system is a significant safety asset. When you are home, alarms can sound to alert you of any security events. When you are away on business or vacation, you can monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet with ease. Live monitoring lets you look in on your property at any time. 

Watch Over What Matters Most

Wireless security cameras also allow you to check up on older adults living in your home and notify you when your children are home from school. You can easily play a recorded response for a door intercom for package deliveries or speak directly to people at your door — even when you are miles away. 

Additionally, you can also look in on your home to check for damage from leaks or burst pipes so that you can call for quick repairs. Wireless security cameras also add protection and peace of mind for your vacation home or small business.

The Kuna app manages all of your home security needs, with live and recorded video feeds stored in the cloud. As soon as Kuna detects activity, it begins recording and sends actionable alerts to your smartphone or tablet. You decide how to respond. 

Easy Installation

Kuna Powered Maximus Smart Security Light Easy Installation

Traditional models of home security systems needed a team of specialists to install them. Depending on the size of your home and the area of security camera coverage you need, this installation work can be a major inconvenience and expense. Who wants to live in a construction zone for days? Wired security is neither convenient nor cheap, especially if you decide to add more cameras and sensors in the future. 

With wireless security cameras, installation is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Kuna's wireless security cameras connect directly into your existing light sockets with a three-step, 15-minute installation process.

We believe technology shouldn't take longer to set up than it does to purchase. Our Toucan Surveillance Kit retrofits into your existing light sockets and comes with a smart security camera, motion sensor, responsive light controls, and an alarm siren — all Powered by Kuna. You can see and talk to visitors, as well as view live and recorded HD video feeds.

Easy Integration by Design

Maximus Floodlight Camera on Garage | Kuna

No one wants unattractive cameras hanging outside their homes. Kuna's wireless security cameras are elegantly inconspicuous but not hidden. Cameras merge gracefully with stylish light fixtures in a variety of designs. Choose classic elegance or contemporary designs to complement the style of your home.

The Maximus Smart Security Light is an HD outdoor security camera, smart light, and two-way intercom all in one — all controlled via your smartphone. Security is now in your hands. 

Prevention, Not Just Detection

Maximus Floodlight Camera at Night

From a distance, wireless cameras look like another attractive exterior lighting scheme. But when potential burglars approach, the sensors activate the lights, they can see the camera built into the lights, and they can choose to leave your property. 

Wireless Security AI: Intelligence in Action

One of the largest advantages of a wireless security system is the brains behind it all. Classic security systems have low resolution and slow response time. Smart security AI responds to motion and begins recording before an event, while storing the video remotely in the cloud in crystal-clear HD color and notifying you on your smartphone instantly. You choose the right course of action for the situation.

Paying a security firm to rewind a dark, blurry tape that shows the back of a burglar leaving your house is hardly useful. With wireless security AI, you can easily retrieve and use the video as evidence, even if a burglar disables a camera. 

Is a Wireless Security System Right for You?

Kuna Family Security Mom Dad Child

Avoid the headaches that come with installing a wired system and go wireless instead. If you have a large home with multiple entry points, a wireless security camera setup has you covered, with none of the mess and noise of wired installation. Kuna wireless security system offers an easy setup for homeowners like you. Choose a simple setup with a single camera, or surround your space with cameras and be in total control of your environment.

The choice is yours: Upgrading your home security is as easy as adding a new camera when you need one. Simply open the box, complete the 15-minute installation instructions, and pair the camera with the Kuna app — no need to contact a wired security firm to drill more holes in your house. Instead of an expensive security firm monitoring your alarms from afar, you hold total control of your home security in the palm of your hand. 

Choose a wireless security system that puts you in control and protects your home, possessions, and loved ones. Experience the protection possibilities of an adaptive, smart AI monitoring system which reduces false positives and sends you immediate information about home security alerts. 

Easy installation, elegant design, and adaptive AI: Discover how these features are a few of many reasons why Kuna was the most awarded home security of 2016.

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